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    Saab 900 Triple Stripe Orange

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    Saab 900 Triple Stripe Orange

    • High-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Laminated for long-life
    • Original Recal design
    • Can be customised for size and colour to suit your vehicle

    The Saab 900 is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive mid-size car with a longitudinally mounted, 45-degree canted, inline four-cylinder engine, double wishbone front suspension and beam-axle rear suspension.

    The 900 contained a number of unusual design features that distinguish it from most other cars including the B-engine, that was installed "backwards", with power delivered from the crank at the front of the car. Also the transmission, technically a transaxle, bolted directly to the bottom of the engine to form the oil pan. Thus, power from the crank would be delivered out of the engine at the front, then transferred down and back to the transmission below, via a set of chain-driven primary gears.

    The 900 body allowed for more space in the engine room and better crash protection for passengers. The middle and rear parts of the body were identical to the 99 Combi Coupé (which was withdrawn from the lineup at the same time).

    This cult classic car is a design icon, and deserves a decal set which enhances it's quirky design. This decal has been designed with aesthetics in mind, following the contour of the Saab's body, with a rear kink to break up the large C-pillar design. This decal can be customised for colour, simply get in touch.