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    Porsche 924S

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    Porsche 924S OEM Decal Kit

    • OEM side decals
    • OEM Rear Decal and badge sticker
    • Printed on high-quality 3M OEM stock
    • High Quality
    • Gloss Lamination

    The Porsche 924S is a compact 2+2 coupe form over a Porsche four-speed transaxle, rear-wheel drive layout, with a 2-litre VW/Audi four-cylinder up front.

    This decal pack is a faithful recreation of the 924S factory decal. It features the simple ‘S’ monogram on the side with rear Porsche decal and decal badge. The original vehicle featured a 3D extruded badge, this decal kit provides the badge as a sticker in exactly the same style.

    This decal pack can be customised in colour based on your requirements, and we can also offer just the sides or the rear. Get in touch and we’ll provide you a pack based on your needs.