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    Porsche 924 Turbo

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    Porsche 924 Turbo OEM Decal Kit

    • OEM side decals
    • OEM Rear Decal and badge sticker
    • Printed on high-quality 3M OEM stock
    • High Quality
    • Gloss Lamination

    Tremendous performance is what the 924 turbo is designed for and 0-60 m.p.h. acceleration of just over 7 sec., 0-100 m.p.h. in 18 sec. and a maximum speed of over 140 m.p.h. show that Porsche have succeeded in putting this 2-litre sportscar into the supercar bracket. Change down a gear or two, take the tachometer needle beyond 3,000 r.p.m. and this turbocharged Porsche surges away in a manner which leaves most other performance cars gasping for breath. Flooring the throttle incautiously once under way promotes fearsome acceleration, the engine hitting the 6,500 r.p.m. rev. limiter almost before the driver can think about shifting into second. The continuous rush of acceleration as the Turbo is hurried upwards through the gears is a pleasure worth savouring. Acceleration in forth and fifth at motorway speeds once boost is built up is astonishing, and so deceptive is the high speed performance that it is all too easy to gallop off into the three figure bracket without being aware. Impeccable high-speed stability and high gearing (24.4 m.p.h./1,000 in fifth) make the Turbo an extremely relaxing motorway express.

    The gearchange, via an unusual, one-piece leather-covered gear-lever, can be disconcerting at first, not so much because it has aq dog-leg pattern, but because it is spring biased into the 4th-5th plane rather than the central 2nd-3rd plane. Once the driver is used to this idiosyncrasy, the gearchange under most road conditions is delightfully quick, light and accurate. Only when first or reverse is required is the less pleasant feature of a very strong detent spring apparent.

    Don’t believe the naysayers, this car is a legitimate sportscar. And with every great sportscar comes a great decal. This 924 Turbo pack consists of gradiated sides with the Porsche emblem reversed as the body colour, and the factory rear. The badge decal which is normal 3D is provided as a 2D sticker in recreated Porsche font.

    This decal pack can be customised in colour based on your requirements, and we can also offer just the sides or the rear. Get in touch and we’ll provide you a pack based on your needs.