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    Mitsubishi L040 Pajero LWB Ralli

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    Mitsubishi L040 Pajero LWB Ralli OEM Decal Kit

    • OEM Side Decals

    • Printed on high quality Oracal OEM stock

    • Laser cut and extremely long lasting

    • Can be customised for colour and 'TURBO', 'WAGON' or no lettering

    In February 1983, Mitsubishi introduced a long-wheelbase, five-door Pajero, available with a choice of two different engines; a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol (badged as "2.0 Turbo" and "2000 Turbo" in some markets) and a 2.3-litre turbocharged diesel. It also came in Standard, Semi-High Roof and High Roof body styles. Outside of Japan there was also the 2.6-liter petrol four, which produced 103 PS (76 kW) in European trim.

    The long wheel based models also included a range of iconic decals that set the Pajero apart on and off road. This includes a factory simple stripe, and multiple variations of angled striped decals in a range of colours. The Pajero also introduced a customised Mitsubishi font with 'Turbo' and 'Wagon' lettering, both solid and outlined, that were in some cases integrated in the stripe.

    This decal is a recreation of the OEM decal. The high roof can be included or not depending on your style of vehicle. The decal can also be customised for colour and can be with or without the Turbo or Wagon text depending on the model you have.