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    Mazda RX-7 Vintage Logo

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    Mazda FB RX-7 Vintage Logo decal kit

    • OEM side decals
    • Printed on high-quality Oracal OEM stock
    • Very High quality and long lasting

    The time came in 1978 for Mazda to launch the most exciting new model in its history – the RX7. With 1.1 litres of twin rotor engine replacing conventional pistons the low-slung coupe with its hidden headlamps and hatchback access changed the shape and concept of sports car motoring.

    Mazda’s route to success was made easier by the imminent demise of open-top British models including the Triumph TR7 and MGB. Certainly the RX7 was fundamental to revival of the lucrative North American sporty car market.

    The original RX7 was not fast in absolute terms but made amends via a responsive chassis. The tiny engine initially produced only 77kW and needed to be spinning above 4000rpm before delivering full performance.

    This decal pack features the early Mazda logo and logotype as a full length door stripe as featured on earlier rotary models. This decal can also be resized to fit any other RX model and changed to the colour of your choice. Just get in touch.