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    Land Rover Defender 110 Type Kit

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    Land Rover L316 Defender 110 OEM Type Decal Kit.

    • High-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Laminated for long-life
    • Exact design recreation
    • Can be customised for size and colour to suit your vehicle

    The Land Rover Defender 110 is an icon. The compelling figures that make the Defender stand out are its off-road ones. This is a car that will tackle a 45 degree slope going forwards or backwards. It will wade through water half a metre deep without modification and traverse a 35 degree hill. Its approach and departure angles are each an astounding 47 degree. 

    These extraordinary stats combine with its huge ground clearance and compact wheelbase to give rock-hopping qualities most alleged off-roaders simply couldn’t imagine. Low-range gearing, unswitchable traction control (optional with ABS) and differential locks complete the picture.

    This decal set is for the One Ten or Defender 110, featuring OEM Defender typeface and classic OEM stripe design. All elements of this decal have been faithfully recreated from the original, such that the text and design can be customised to your needs. Please get in touch and let us know what you need.