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    Nissan MQ Patrol SWB Wave Blue

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    Nissan MK/MQ Patrol SWB Blue Wave OEM Decal Kit

    • Left and right side decal included
    • High-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Laminated for long-life
    • Exact design recreation
    • Can be customised for size and colour to suit your vehicle

    The Nissan MK/MQ Patrol was a game-changer. It applied some modern styling to the idea of an off-roader. Gone were the separate front mudguards, super-upright windscreen and cross-eyed headlights of so many of Nissan’s competitors. And it was an integrated wagon look that managed to be both butch and modern at the same time. Inside, as well as padding for all seven seats, the dashboard of the MQ Patrol was a moulded plastic unit with some real shape and depth, as opposed to the steel plank with a token strip of rubber padding that was the norm for vehicles like these. And heck, within a year of the launch, you could even have your Patrol with an automatic transmission.

    The Patrol was initially offered in five body styles; a long and short-wheelbase version of the hardtop, a cab-chassis, pick-up and the long-wheelbase wagon which was the model most in touch with the new type of four-wheel-drive buyer, and the one that most appealed to family fun in the great outdoors.

    As part of the new styling, Nissan offered a range of bold, dynamic decals direct from factory to ensure they stood out from the standard off-roader on the streets. These were radical, big and brightly coloured designs that are as iconic as the vehicle. This wave version was inspired by the beach Four-wheel-driving where the Patrol was at home most. This decal came from factory in red/orange and green options.

    This decal can be customised to suit your colour requirements. Please get in touch and we’ll make it happen.