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    The making of a Mightier Boy

    The making of a Mightier Boy

    The Suzuki Mighty Boy has now become a cult-classic. With a niche group of psychopaths that live, breathe and devote themselves to this tiny chassis, turning them into off-roaders with lift-kits, or adding performance mods to make them the ultimate sleepers. But what about turning a Mighty Boy into a US Muscle Truck? That's exactly what James Newbury set out to do.


    Using one of our favourite all-time decals as reference, the 1980s Ford Ranger XLT, James wanted this style for his Mighty Boy. This included the wrap around decal that goes over the roof, and the slab-sided decals on the front fender, door and rear fender. And featuring the same sunset colourway on black.

    We recreated this decal, and resized it to fit the mini-truck sizing. Here's the result.

    The first step was respraying the vehicle gloss black.

    Decals were designed to size, and a rough fitting was provided. once sizing was complete, the decals were printeded on gloss Arlon stock with a half-tone dot pattern to ensure the gradient looked perfect.

    Final application using wet-apply and some handy heat gun work to create the Mighty Boy XLT! Love the idea and thanks to @jamesnewbury for the good vibes and incredibly fun project.