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    Jaunt Motors Custom County Decal

    Jaunt Motors Custom County Decal

    Jaunt Motors Australia take the world’s most iconic cars and transform them into electric masterpieces.

    Much more than just electric conversion, each Jaunt is re-engineered and re-built to improve safety, handling, comfort, usability and performance.

    This special build started life as a Land Rover County and would have featured the original factory decals featuring a triple stripe of differing widths that traverse the side of the vehicle. As the stripe raises on the rear door, it breaks into segments towards the tail of the car. A special 'County' serif font is emblazened on the front door.

    The Jaunt Motors Defender may have started life as a County, but it's now a long long way from home. Featuring all new chassis components and a huge performance upgrade through EV conversion, this vehicle could probably power the county. As such, the Jaunt team wanted the nod to the Land Rover heritage in a subtle way, but a decal that mirrors the modernity of the vehicle and nods to its future focussed destination.

    The Jaunt team requested a frosted metallic look that would sit directly over the bodywork, creating a subtle difference in texture that would show the decal, without it compromising the minimilist aesthetic. The County text was traced pixel by pixel to create a perfect replica.

    The rear stripe was elongated to fit the length of the car, unlike the origiinal. This gave a look of speed and also felt more form-fitted than the original. Further emphasizing the custom build.

    The original design featured the Land Rover text 'V8' on the rear of the vehicle. The Jaunt team had the idea to use the same Land Rover font but update it to 'EV', as the sign off for this incredible vehicle.

    An absolute pleasure to work with the Jaunt team, they are ding incredible things and making incredible vehicles, please check them out at