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    Decal Study - Lada Niva

    Decal Study - Lada Niva

    Lada Niva early model with two-tone sharp curve design featuring a matching 4x4 in silver and black on each side door.

    Early model Lada Niva with blue band stripe with simple 4WD text.

    Later model Lada Niva long-wheel base California edition featuring dual tone stripe with modern 'California' type.

    Lada Niva with Dual brown and orange stripe on the sides and on the bonnet with a unique 4x4 text on both side doors.

    Lada Niva with beige and dark olive panelled graphic.

    Lada Niva featuring classic two toned angle stripe.

    Latest generation Lada Niva featuring camouflaged body wrap.

    Facelift Lada Niva Hussar edition featuring three splash side decal and a special 'Hussar' typeface below the rear side windows.

    Lada Niva Taiga special edition featuring simple black stripe and basic TAIGA 4X4 text.

    Later model Lada Niva Cossack edition featuring a purple, teal and black 90's style paint graphic and matching colour COSSACK typeface.

    Lada Niva later model 'Exclusive' edition with a camouflage stripe and Exclusive type.

    Lada Niva 5000C basic stripe.

    Early model Lada Niva California edition with original California text.

    And the radical Lada Niva St Tropez special edition. Featuring a unique decal design and matching front and rear bar garnish with colour coded mirrors, bonnet scoop and wheels. As seen on those Russian golf courses.