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    Decal Study - 40-series Land Cruiser

    Decal Study - 40-series Land Cruiser

    The Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series was produced primarily for model year(s) 1961-1984, with production extended beyond that for a small number of models in specific markets. Consisting largely of the FJ40FJ43, and FJ45 models and their variants, 40-series Land Cruisers are considered some of the most dependable vintage 4x4’s ever produced. Vehicles produced with the "FJ" designation are gas powered, while those with the "BJ" and "HJ" model designation have diesel engines. In recent years, the classic car market has shown a particular interest in original 40-series Land Cruisers and highly modified versions built by professional resto-mod shops. Here are a few of the iconic decals that came from factory or were applied by dealers in various markets on what of the all-time great off-roaders.

    Simple tri-stripe graphic on early 40-series models

    Dual colour intersecting stripe with graphic stripes on the door and extended decal over the bonnet.

    Dual colour stripes variation on later model 40-series in the US market.

    Later models had more complex graphics, including this multi-coloured segmented striped variation.

    Simple monotone dual stripe with small and thick lines.

    Early model US market decal featuring an extended concentric stripe graphic at the rear of the vehicle.

    Australian market simple dual stripe graphic.

    Later 40-series models in Middle-East markets received a large Land Cruiser logo graphic below the rear window, in outline or in full-colour.

    Simple three-colour line with rear accent.

    Custom 'Z-shape' decal.

    Early model US market twin arrow graphic.

    Triple stripe extending over the bonnet. This decal also came without the bonnet section, or with an extra triple stripe at the base of the doors.

    Later 40-series with updated arrow graphic, available in a wider range of colours.

    Australian dealer decal, early inspiration for the later 60-series graphics.

    Dual stripe with over-bonnet decal.

    Dual stripe with three panel rear graphic.