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    Toyota 60-series Land Cruiser Red Facelift Decal

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    Toyota 60-series Land Cruiser Red Facelift OEM decal kit

    • OEM left and right side decals
    • OEM rear Turbo decal
    • Printed on high-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Gloss lamination

    The 60-series Land Cruiser will go down as one of the all-time-greats in off-road engineering and aesthetics. In terms of design, the 60 was a bit more slab-sided, but the bluff front end was attractive and the overall proportions were spot on. It remains probably the best looking - let’s call it handsome - Cruiser wagon ever.

    As far as decals go, the Land Cruiser range pioneered big, bold and colourful graphics to break-up the slab-siding. These decals are now as iconic as the vehicle. Different markets received their own decal designs but these are the prototypical decals seen on most Land Cruisers of the era, faithfully recreated in design and colour and printed on the highest quality stock. This decal features separate front-quarter panel designs, and a long stripe design along the side of the vehicle. As seen on many Land Cruisers, you can choose which elements to use or exclude, they all come as separate items on the decal pack, including the turbo text.

    This decal can be customised to a colour that suits your vehicle. Just get in touch and we’ll make it happen.