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    Suzuki Vitara Backpack Decal

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    Suzuki Vitara Backpack Decal Kit

    • Left and right side decal included
    • High-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Laminated for long-life
    • Exact design recreation
    • Can be customised colour to suit your vehicle

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the automotive market witnessed a surge in the popularity of compact SUVs, and among them was the first-generation Suzuki Vitara / Geo Tracker. Manufactured by CAMI Automotive, a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki, the Geo Tracker made its debut in 1989 as a versatile and affordable off-road vehicle. This diminutive SUV quickly captured the hearts of adventure enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of compact dimensions, off-road capabilities, and open-air freedom.

    The Vitara / Tracker featured a host of special editions and concepts. This decal featured on the one-off build Geo Tracker 'Backpack' edition. Epitomising the best of the early 90s, this decal features a dramatic angled 4x4 script with uniquesplash marks in pink and blue.

    This decal can be customised to suit your colour and size requirements. Please get in touch.