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    Suzuki JB74 Jimny Turbo Decal

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    Suzuki JB74 Jimny Turbo Decal

    • Jimny Turbo side decals
    • Jimny Turbo rear decal
    • Printed on OEM quality stock
    • High quality with gloss laminate

    ‘Want one’ tends to happen about three seconds after clapping eyes on the Jimny. Cuter than a Jeep Renegade and as sturdy looking as a Mercedes G-Class (but at six-tenths the scale), it’s one of those instantly desirable pieces of design, like a Fiat 500 or whatever Apple’s attached a lower-case ‘i’ to this week.

    The Jimny is still based around a traditional steel, ladder frame chassis, but also a new, stiffer foundation for the car’s 2018 rebirth, supporting rigid front and rear axles with separate differentials, and a four-cylinder petrol engine with 100bhp and 95lb ft and 200cc more capacity than its predecessor.

    Unlike it's predecessors, the new Jimny doesn't have the same variation in decals as the 80s models had. Recal has reproduced those vintage decals for your new Jimny to make it stand out even more. This decal is the JDM only Jimny Turbo variation featuring Jimny typeface decals with a gradient stripe on the sides, and the Jimny typeface on the rear. 

    This decal can be customised to suit your colour requirements. We can also provide the decal with or without the texct. Please get in touch and we’ll make it happen.