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    Porsche 944

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    Porsche 944 OEM Decal Kit

    • High-quality vehicle vinyl
    • Laminated for long-life
    • Exact design recreation
    • Can be customised for size and colour to suit your vehicle

    Meticulously built with top-quality components, the Porsche 944 was expensive new but offers a lot for the money today, especially when you factor in remarkably good fuel economy and quite exceptional parts availability for a 1980s classic.

    With half a 928 engine and a superb handling/performance blend, the 944 had none of the ‘VW engine’ stigma of the 924. Twin Lanchester-type balancer shafts gave the big, powerful ‘four’ great smoothness.

    It was installed in a flared-arch 924 Carrera GT-like bodyshell with 924 turbo suspension and brakes, becoming an instant hit. Steady improvement over its 10-year production life only enhanced that.

    Full body galvanising was a feature from the start.

    The 944 is a legitimate sports car, and was offered with a factory option decal pack. This featured a side decal with a gradient and the Porsche logo featured in negative space based on the body colour of the vehicle. The rear of the car also features a Porsche logo wrap-around decal that sits below the lights. The factory car has a 3D 944 badge, this is provided as a 2D decal in this decal pack.

    This decal pack can be customised in colour based on your requirements, and we can also offer just the sides or the rear. Get in touch and we’ll provide you a pack based on your needs.